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TwilighT OST has a BlogSpoT now!

i have made a blogspot for this page! i just started it tonight so bear with me with changes and what not. i will be posting the same stuff there as i post here. i'm just thinking it may be fun for you all (and me) to get this blogspot going! sooooo tell your friends!

oh and make sure to follow me on there! geez this is a whole level of obsession for me!

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oh and if some of you are unfamiliar with the original TwilighT OST .. here ya go!


i just posted this blog on my community lj and i wanted to post it here as well.
it's a IMPORTANT blog about "EartH Day."

First i have to show this video. i JUST got done watching this. it's amazing and really is informational! it really stirs you up.

Disneynature Earth Trailer HD

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