cookie (iamlost415) wrote,

LosT last night was .. umm .. craaazy! (in a good way)

these two scenes i just HAD to make video's of bc they were just so heavy! 

note about this .. why even BRING Juliet back if they planned on just having her die again!?!? wtf?!? poor Sawyer had to lose her twice! poor us (the fans .. and yes i love Juliet even though i don't like her with Sawyer bc he belongs with Kate! ;p ) too!

okay and this one .. wow! my jaw dropped when he said "i'm sorry you had to see me like this" .. omy gosh so good! smokey rules!

and .. the island under water!!?!?!?  the double storyline!?!?  it better not be a "choose your own" ending where fans get to vote .. that'd be laaameo!


so i know i haven't posted in forever but i thought i'd share these just in case anyone else is as addicted to LosT as i aaaaaammm!
xoxo cookie
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